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Knit on 3mm double-pointed needles using small amounts of pink, white double-knitting wool also requires tiny amounts of black and pale yellow wool for embroidering the face. Use polyester fibre-fill for stuffing.

Begin at lower edge of one leg and using white cast on 10 sts
1st row: Inc Kwise into every st - 20 sts
Beginning with a purl row, stocking stitch 5 rows

Break off yarn and leave stitches on a spare needle.
Work 2nd leg in same way. Break off white yarn and join on pink yarn.

Body and Head
Mark each end of next row with a coloured thread. With right side of work facing and using pink, knit across the 20 sts on knitting needle, then across the 20 sts on the spare needle - 40 sts
St-st 10 rows
(shape upper body)
K7, (K2tog) 4x, K10, (K2tog) 4x, K7 - 32 sts
st-st 3 rows
Break off pink and join on white for head
(inc. for head)
Next row: (K1, inc. in next st) to end - 48 sts
st-st 11 rows
(shape head)
1st row: K11, (K2tog) twice, K18, (K2tog) twice, K11 - 44 sts
2nd, 3rd, 4th rows: st-st
5th row: K10, (K2tog) twice, K16, (K2tog) twice, K10
6th and every other row - Purl
7th row: K9, (K2tog) twice, K14, (K2tog) twice, K9
9th row: K8, (K2tog) twice, K12, (K2tog) twice, K8
11th row: (K2,K2tog) to end
13th row: (K1, K2tog) to end
15th row: (K2tog) to end
Break and tie tightly

Ears (make two)
Using white, begin at lower edge and cast on 7 sts
Garter stitch 4 rows, decreasing one st at beginning of every row
Fasten of remaining three sts

To Make Up

Join row ends from top of head as far as the coloured threads, leaving a large gap in the back of the head seam.
Join row ends of each leg from coloured threads to cast on edges. Gather round the cast on edges, pull up tightly and fasten off.
Turn right side out. Stuff legs, body and head. Do not close gap in head seam.
To shape neck, use a double strand of white yarn and gather around first knitted row of white head. Pull up tightly and secure. Sew yarn ends into neck.
Position and sew ears to sides of head so top of ear is level with top of head.

Arms (make two)
Using pink, begin at top of arm and cast on 14 sts loosely
St-st 4 rows
Break off pink and join on white
St -st 4 rows
Next row: (K2tog) to end - 7sts
Break and tie tightly.

To Make Up
Join row ends, turn right side out and stuff. Sew open cast on edge to sides of body, just below neck.
For facial sts start and fasten off wool securely in the gap at the back of the head. When face is completed, add more stuffing to hide the ends, then close the gap in the seam.

For eyes, use double lengths of black yarn, make knots winding yarn around six times until you have a nice oval shape
Postion eyes so top of eys is 10 rows above neck shaping and leave 10 sts between eyes.

Embroider 4 horizontal sts in pale yellow for the nose, with top of nose 7 rows above neck shaping row.
For whiskers, work three 1 cm sts beside each eye, leaving 2 sts between the side of the eye and the start of the whiskers.

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